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"I give God the glory"

I had injured my ankle in soccer and had a lot of pain. I couldn't really run or kick the ball without it hurting. Then my mom brought me to the Healing Rooms.

My Lord and Savior 100% healed it. I have not pain and I give God the glory.

Ben Heredia

"God has healed me
I have experienced back pain since I was 10 (I’m now 73).
When I moved to Washington last June I apparently irritated the condition and the pain was unbearable. An X-RAY did not show anything but an MRI showed severe spinal stenosis. I had surgery on the right side of the spine in November of 2007 but the left side was still bad and another surgery was being discussed.

On 3/19/08 I came to the Healing Rooms in Walla Walla and I was healed. I could hardly walk when I went in but “marched” going out. I didn’t put this testimony into words at the time because I wanted a more objective word to share. On the following Monday my physical therapist checked me out and agreed that I have been “healed”.

Since then I have been power walking in my neighborhood and my neighbors are starting to ask me “what happened.” I just tell them that God has healed me and ask if there is something I could pray for them about.

I have even dug 18” deep holes to plant rosebuds. Praise God! I’m back!

College Place

Back Touched
I had been having strong pains in my lower back for 3 months. I have worked in the wind energy industry for the last 8 years. I started as a concrete finisher on foundations. Now I am a concrete foreman. My job is to watch over and train a crew of 5, making sure they are safe and doing a good job. I want to bless God for touching my back on March 5 at the Healing Rooms.

Walla Walla

Relief of Wrist Problems...
I have had wrist problems for 25 years. I eventually had surgery on my left wrist. I have been on 600 mg. of Motrin morning and night for the last 25 years.

I had prayer for my wrists at the Healing Rooms and they seemed better but I stayed on the medicine of 1200 mg. of Motrin every day. I had prayer again 2 weeks later at the Healing Rooms and I went off the Motrin.

I still have some discomfort at times but they keep improving and I don't take Motrin anymore. It has been over a month and my stomach is feeling so much better. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Walla Walla

Healed of Birth Defect...
I was born without a sense of smell. In January I was attending Healing Room training. The directors mentioned many ttimes they had prayed for people who had been healed of birth defects. That caught my ear. After the training I thought of my lack of a sense of smell.

On March 12 I went to the Healing Rooms and asked for prayer to have a sense of smell. I did not have an immediate change. I was given a list of scriptures about healing so I proclaimed Isaiah 53:4 and 5 (by His stripes we are healed). Everytime I was in my car I would proclaim outloud Isaiah 53: 4 and 5. The same when I was cleaning up the kitchen after preparing a meal. On March 16 as I was shopping my granddaughter asked if we could stop and smell the Easter lilies. To my delight I sniffed and sensed "sweet." A few days later we were in a grocery store and we stopped to smell the carnations. Again, I sniffed and sensed "sweet."

On March 22 my granddaughters and I went to public restroom. One granddaughter stated the room smells like garbage. Unfortunately I sniffed deeply and smelled it too!

The next day was Easter. At church there were a number of Easter lilies and a large variety of flowers decorating a wooden cross. I sensed "sweet' during the whole service. I quietly asked my granddaugher if the sanctuary smelled like flowers and she confirmed it.

I am rejoicing! I expect to eventually smell everything--food, chocolate chip cookies, steak, coffee, etc. At this point I don't but I am believing that my healing is started and the fullness is not yet manifested but will be. By His stripes I am healed!

I am thrilled about this miracle. But more than that I am excited about the gift of faith that is being stirred in me!

Walla Walla

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